About the goals of the database

Raising the Problem
The energy demand of the activities in the building sector in Hungary concerning the production, building in, usage and afterlife of materials can reach 40-50% of the total national energy consumption, therefore it is of utmost importance to deal with the rationalisation of building-related energy consumption (to increase energy-efficiency, to use renewable energy resources, to build in materials with low primary energy content).

Who is this Database for...
The authors of this database want to show a real choice to architects, constructors, builders, investors, dwellers, who feel responsible for their environment. This database is most useful for constructing and reconstructing low-rise living-houses.

The structure of the database
The database introduces product-orientated information about choises of environment-conscious building technologies that were collected in Hungary and are organised in the following categories:

Energy-efficient building-installation
Equipments using renewable energy
Water-usage, waste-water-treating methods
Waste-material-treating methods
Building Materials


Agricultural buildings
Educational programmes, actualities
A beruházásokhoz nyerhető források resources for investments
Realised, ecologically positive country developing projects

About the state of completion and our future plans...
In the current state the first five chapters of the Database are completed. We are planning the further five chapters completing in the near future connecting to the finished chapters.
This kind of database has never can be perfectly whole. We are planning updating datas once a year.

If you have any question about this database, please contact the editor.
(Független Ökológiai Központ, Medgyasszay Péter, ******, Tel: 368-6229 Fax: 250-1546)
(Independent Ecological Centre, Medgyasszay Péter, ******, Tel: (36-1)368-6229 Fax: (36-1)250-1546)