What does ecology mean in building construction?

The ecology means the coexistance of living organisms in an ecosystem - living-space . Our closest living-space is the built environment, and basicly we are all living in the closed system of the Earth.

Circulations in building construction...
The building process does not finish with moving in with a view to ecology. The full life-cycle of building consists of not only planning, constructing, but using, reconstruction, demolition, afterlife as well.
Beyond this long circulation of building process the most important thing is making people conscious of circulations for building sustainability. We must prefer maximally closing circulations to linear usage during maintenance of buildings.

The actuality of this question...
We spend 80 % of our lifetime indoor. We will soon realize the actuality of this question getting our energy-accounts in addition to the theoretical questions of the healthy building and the sustainable usage.
As a result of the probably extensive rise of energy-prices we must pay more attention to energy-conscious planning of living-houses relating to the hole life-cycle, which determinates the dwellings and our national energy consumption for 80 years.

The compexity of the question...
These figures are based on foreign publications. It is hard to objectively examine the analysis of the built-in and the using energy of every material relating to the whole lifecycle.
The building in of these materials, the construction and the orientation of the building, the building-installation and the usage of the building can largely modify these calculated results.

Collecting the ecologically defined elements and phases of building and giving thorough theoretical and practical answers to people who are interested in ecological aspects of building is the long-term goal of this database.

Budapest, 1998. 11. 04.

Medgyasszay Péter