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Our donors for building up this database...
The financial resources for building up this database were produced by the successful application to the Central Environmental Fund of the Ministry of Environment and Country Developing in 1997
in addition to the Independent Ecological Centre own resources.

The application was offered and helped by
Dr. Böhönyey János, the President of the Association of Hungarian Architects
Dr. Petró Bálint, dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Budapest
Seenger Pál, secretary-general of the Society of Building Sciences


Programleader: Medgyasszay Péter

Energy-efficient building-installation: Fischer György
Equipments using renewable energy: Dr. Barótfi István, dr. Kontra Jenő, Dr. Zöld András
Water-management: Klimó Erzsébet, Licskó Béla, Takács Istvánné
Waste-material-management: Nagy Tamás
Building-materials: Novák Ágnes
Product searcher: Kovács Bence, Medgyasszay Péter

Editor: Medgyasszay Péter
Lector of the Building-materials chapter: Ertsey Attila

The following databases were made available for us to start...
Green Energy Network programme - in May 1998
ORISOFT'98 Catalogue of Building material products
Waste Association (HuMuSz)- Database of wasteyards in Budapest and in Hungary
Soft Technology Foundation - database of the firms participating in the "Autonom House" programme
Torma Krisztián - Database of firms producing ecological building materials
Independent Ecological Centre - own collection

Orientated product data collectors...
Bedő Gergely, Farsang Attila, Illyés Henriett, Jároli József, Medgyasszay Péter, Nitschmann Corinna, Polgár Tibor, Sziksz Tibor, Torma Krisztián

Web design
Handa Péter, Kertes Andrea, Medgyasszay Péter, Nyvelt Erik

Web processing
Handa Péter, Medgyasszay Péter, Nyvelt Erik

Kertes Andrea, Lénárt Lambert, Tombor Balázs

Data processing
Kovácsay Béla, Nagy Sándorné

Kovács Bence, Medgyasszay Péter, Sziva Jenő

If you have any question or problem about this database, please contact the editor.
(Független Ökológiai Központ, Medgyasszay Péter, ******, Tel: 368-6229 Fax: 250-1546)
(Independent Ecological Centre, Medgyasszay Péter, ******, Tel: (36-1)368-6229 Fax: (36-1)250-1546)